Building your First Level

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Level design


When building your level it is often helpful just to use a series of planes and cubes to block out the level you wish to create. You can use templates to speed up your workflow which can be found within Levelkit/Collections - The collections folder contains several scenes that you can drag and drop into your current scenes Hierarchy. Be sure to copy the object you wish to use and paste it into the scene to avoid messing up the template scene. Once you have finished with a template collection right-click the scene and select remove from scene.


Networks are one of the most important aspects of your level as it allows you to communicate with people and devices. There are a few different types of networks, to learn more about implementing you can click here for the API ref, and soon we will add more "manual" like page.


Devices are anything in your mod that can be interacted with or hacked. When creating your mod you can either choose from the selection of pre-made devices or create your own.

To learn how to create your own devices click here


Characters within OffGrid are essential to add life to your mod.Characters tables will allow you to add the player, NPC's and dialogue options to your mod.To create a character you must first create a character table to the characters also, see Character Types and Prefabs for specific character types.


Triggers are areas that can be activated when a specified object enters the specified trigger area. This can be useful for activating conversations or other story elements for more information click here


Currently, conversations allow the player to communicate with virtual characters. In order to create conversations, you must ensure that the characters have been added first. If you have all the characters set up click Character Types and Prefabs.


Objectives within OffGrid allow you to set the player on tasks throughout your level.For information on adding objectives to your mod click: Objectives


generate navmesh


generate light probes

Reflection Probes

Light Settings

Use mixed lights in nearly all circumstances

set up a couple of 'main light per room - with low shadow strength to get the main tint

then set other lights with lower intensity just to decorate

Setup skybox,

use a directional light as sun

Uploading your mod

Upload steps:

To upload your mod:

  • Load up the OffGrid game
  • Open up the LevelKit GUI
  • click on the networking tab
  • click search for game.
  • Select an icon for your mod
  • Enter a name and description
  • Select the visibility of your mod (This will determine who can view your mod)
  • Lastly select upload your mod.

Further Reading