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[[file:InstallLevelKitTools.png|thumb|400px|none|Install LevelKit tools]]
[[file:InstallLevelKitTools.png|thumb|400px|none|Install LevelKit tools]]
Continue [[Getting Started with the LevelKit]]

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The level kit is downloaded via Steam in the tools section on the 'Library' tab, or you can download it directly through TBD if you are not a Steam user.

If you have been given BETAS access then use the properties / BETAS window and put in the password you have been given. For more detailed instructions see Steam BETAS


To download via steam:

  • Make sure that Off Grid is installed and in your games library
  • Click on the tools option in your library tab
Where to find the Steam Tools page


  • On the tools page look for 'Off Grid - Levelkit' and install
Install LevelKit tools

Continue Getting Started with the LevelKit