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The level kit is downloaded via Steam in the tools section on th e'Library' tab, or you can download it directly through TBD if you are not a Steam user.


To download via steam:

  • Make sure that Off Grid is installed and in your games library
  • Click on the tools option in your library tab
Where to find the Steam Tools page


  • On the tools page look for 'Off Grid - Levelkit' and install
Install LevelKit tools


If you have been given BETAS access then use the properties / BETAS instructions and put in the same password

To do this:

  • Activate your Steam Key by clicking on '+ ADD A GAME' in the bottom left corner and following the instructions to activate the key you have recieved (You WON'T be able to find the game in the Steam Stor pre release - this in the only way to find 'Off Grid')
Activate your Steam Key
  • Then right click on 'Off Grid' in your library click on 'Properties' in the pop-up menu
Right-click for game 'Properties'
  • Then select the BETAS tab in the Properties window, input the password you have been given and click 'CHECK CODE'
    • In the drop down you should now have the option to select the BETA branch your password gives you acces to.
Input the password and selet the BETA from the drop down
  • Click Close and then the game should update and install. If it doesn't do this straight away right click on the game and select 'Install' again.

Continue Getting Started with the LevelKit