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Create an account and request access

We have restricted the editing to request access due to bot signups, it's not anything restrictive otherwise,we want you to get involved! Create an account to request access and we will confirm it ASAP, so you can add to the wiki and share your modding ideas, guides to the game, and more.

Uploading files

Due to the extensions we are using the Insert Picture buttons for articles doesn't work for uploading images.

The one here:

This button isn't useable with our set up

Instead you need to upload the image via the regulare upload tool in the left side bar here:

Where to find the Upload tool

Then take note of the file name and insert via text into your page like this:

[[File:FileName.PNG|thumb|400px|none|This is the description]]

Our style guide for images is as 400 px thumb nails with 'none' set for alignment.