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Chaos Communication Camp is an international 5 day event for hackers and tinkerers in Germany. It decribes its self as "a relaxed atmosphere for free exchange of technical, social, and political ideas." The Offgrid team, ascociated with the Milliways Village, has been involved with the event over the years, most recently demoing Offgrid at the 2023 event in Mildenburg.

To get involved with the discussion join the discord and check out the modding channel: Discord community You can watch the streams here on Twitch. On Youtube or in Mixer.

2023 - Steps to get involved

Simple Steps / To Add Props via Git Repo Only

  • The simplest way to add to the mod, doesn't require a copy of the game, just download the git repo here.
Where to find the Models in the repo
  • Existing props can be found in the "LevelAssets" folder for reference. Be mindful of poly count, pivots, scale and naming conventions!
  • When building your art, look at the style and scale of existing props and make a model in a program of your choice. We recommend using Blender. For more details on setting up your models to match our shaders and use vertex colours appropriately etc. you can follow this handy Asset Creation Pipeline guide.
  • Push your new changes (inside the Level Assets folder) back up to the repo.

More advanced steps for adding to layout or the mod itself

If you would like to add to the map of CCCamp there are a couple of additional steps and things to be mindeful of.

  • You will need a copy of OFF GRID and the modding tools via Steam.

I don't have Off Grid: Off Grid is currently only avalible to early access Kickstarter backers and people that attend the CCCamp workshops. If you would like to get involved but were unable to attend the workshop in person, get in touch with the devs via discord. They will be happy to send you a key for a small donation in support of Milliways). I do have Off Grid: From Steam you can download the full modding toolset as described on the Modding pages.

  • Place the Git repo into the "Assets>Levels" folder in your levelkit project to work on the Milliways mod.
Where to find the Models in the repo
  • DO NOT WORK DIRECTLY IN THE MASTER .unity SCENE!! - If you want to make changes to the Map you need to remember the Unity scenes themselves are not mergeable, so instead MAKE A NEW scene that we can copy stuff over from into the MASTER scene so as to avoid conflicts.

If you have any trouble or questions just ask @devteam in the #modding channel on our [Discord].

History of the Mod 2019 to 2022

In 2019 Off Grid was demo'd at Milliways during Chaos Communication Camp 2019 and they hosted a live workshop where the Milliways mod was created. The process was streamed, and modders were encouraged to add props and characters to a digital replica of the camp!

Watch the 2019 Mod Stream here.

The idea was for it to be a colloaborative project on Github, where anyone can make a pull request and add something to camp, whether that be themselves as a character, some props and environment models to make it all look more lifelike, a hackable device or project that someone has brought to camp IRL.

It was intended to be a living and ongoing project, to be added to at every camp and every congress, making it bigger, more complex and more in depth over time as a representation of everything Milliways and CCC.

People using older builds will likely experience issues getting their mods to work due to changes in Unity and Steam code which introduced bugs to these builds. A new 2023 CCC beta has been built to replace these versions. Contact the team on discord to get access.

Existing Models

Centre of camp in the Off Grid mod.
Camp Mod Screenshot - Tents

A lot of work was done in 2019 to build the camp. Existing models include:

Complete list of models already created

  • The CCC Rocket. One actual size and one extra big.
  • Tent, big. Door optional
  • Tent, medium. Door optional
  • Tent, micro. Door optional
  • Kitchen tent
  • Food tent
  • Trees and bushes
  • 5 Big Hot Air Balloon
  • 5 Medium Hot Air Balloon
  • Market Stall
  • Geodesic Dome
  • Watch Tower
  • 3 types of Whisky bottles
  • Big 3D Chaos Camp sign
  • Big 3D logo of Milliways
  • Commercial Drone
  • Disco ball
  • Plastic chair
  • Beer Keg

2019 Asset Wishlist:


Vice CCC 2015 Article

Top down image of camp in google maps
The 2 geodesic domes of Milliways
Structures of Milliways

Aerial shot of CCCamp 2015
Main Hub for CCCamp 2019


The Iconic Milliways Dome

This is the central hub of every Milliways village

Geodesic Dome at night

The Bar

There is always a free flowing beer tap at the Bar

The Bar in 2019

The Kitchen

Milliways puts on a full size professional catering kitchen to feed all the hungry hackers.

The Kitchen in 2019

This often includes a dedicated bakery

The Rummery

An important section of camp and where all the lizards hangout.

The OFF GRID annex

Probably a computer in the main Milliways dome. A small addition to camp that is demoing the game that you are playing ... meta.

Things that need to be built

This is a list of Props and models that the community could make for the mod. We already have some things in production like trees, big tents and other specific things, so this list might change as we approach the event.

Most of the stuff has been modeled already, so we would like to see some more crazy things like:

  • Airplanes (real big airplanes with cool lights to place around the camp)
  • More bushes and trees. Check the ones we did and try to make some more nature stuff
  • Structures. There are a bunch of structures we won't do as they are too big or we don't have the time. Maybe you can?
  • Any crazy things you can think of!

Design rules for creating the models are here

Assets for Milliways Mod
Trees for Milliways Mod and OFF GRID

Player Objectives and Things to do

Conversations on Culture

Milliways attendees can add themselves as characters that can then have conversations with the player and educate them on an element of camp or hacker culture at large.

To add your self as a character follow these steps
  • Add a Character table to the mission script and connect them to a network - instructions here
  • Create a Character profile for them to generate flutter and sms messages - instructions here
  • Create a conversation for them to have with the player and add the trigger to the mission script - instructions here

Collect a Challenge Coin

Players should be able to give a donation and collect a Milliways Challenge Coin.