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There is a heck of a lot you can mod in Off Grid, we specifically have made the modding tools capable of doing pretty much everything we needed in order to make levels for the game so that you can do just as much as us, and in some cases we have made the systems more powerful than we needed so that you can do more than we have in the game too.

(A good example of this is the depth that you can make branching conversations and narratives in CryptoChat and the fact that those conversations can run function and store variables allowing conversational choices to drastically alter the trajectory of a player's game)

Check out the table below to see the main topics and guides, each of these categories lead on to more in depth and specific articles themselves too.

The first two places two start are:

Getting Started with the LevelKit

Building your First Level

Mission Scripting

Otherwise... get stuck in to the rest of it here:

Creating Apps
Debugging Your Mods
Device Scripting
Getting Started with the LevelKit
How the SoundIDs are structured
Mission Objects
Mission Scripting
Pre-made Hackable Devices
Setting up Doors
Triggering Sounds
Triggers and Examples