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The Noise system provides a method of producing sounds that the AI can be aware of and respond to.



Table representing a noise

Table definition

Name Type Default Optional Description
soundName string No The name of the sound event
attraction number No How much attraction this noise will cause (range 0-1)
volume number 1.0 Yes The volume of the sound event (range (0-1)
duration number 0.0 Yes How long does this noise last? 0 will loop the sound and require it to be explicitly ended
trusted boolean false Yes Whether this noise is trusted by AIs
offEvent string Yes Sound to emit when the source is silenced



Noise.Emit(deviceName, noiseTable)

Expected parameter types

Name Type
deviceName string
noiseTable Lua Table

Description: Emits a noise from deviceName with attributes in noiseTable

Returns: Nothing

Notes: Attraction value is required, volume is optional (default 1.0), as is duration (defaults to 0, which loops the sound).



Expected parameter types

Name Type
deviceName string

Description: Silences the noise

Returns: Nothing

Notes: Silences the noise, principally from an AI perspective. Will attempt to stop the audio if this noise was set up with an end event.

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