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Example Lua script

app = {
	name = "DataDelete",
	description = "Delete a data point.",
	cost = 2.0,
	targets = {"data"},
	showInRadial = "target",
	showInAppWheel = "default",
	state = "off",
	icon = "Common/Apps/Icons/DataDelete.png",
	iconColor = { 0, 0.4, 0.9843, 1 },

	OnClickAppWheel = function()

	OnClickRadial = function()


App configuration

App Table
Name Required/Optional Description
name required Name of the app
description required Short description of what the app does
cost optional How many seconds the tracking progress increases when using this app
targets optional List of what target types the app can have
showInRadial optional How the app should be displayed in Radial menu. See menu options.
showInAppWheel optional How the app should be displayed in the AppWheel. See menu options.
state required Current state of the app.
icon required Path to icon image
iconColor optional background color for the app icon
OnClickAppWheel optional The function to run when the app is launched from the AppWheel
OnClickRadial optional The function to run when the app is launched from the radial menu

Target types

targets = {"data", "devices"},
Name Description
none The app doesn't require any kind of target
data Any data points currently visible to the player
devices Hackable devices in player's current networks
characters People
interactions Physical interactions in the levels

Menu options

Name Description
always App is always displayed in this menu.
never App will never be shown in this menu
default App will be set as favourite for this menu by default
target App will always display in Radial menu if current target matches the App's targets value.


Name Description
on App is currently switched on
off App is switched off
disabled App is not available to use at the moment
alert Blinking app icon to notify the player about something