Getting Started with the LevelKit

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Getting Started

  1. Download Unity
  2. Download LevelKit
  3. Open up the LevelKit project in Unity

Now go to the menu Item for Off Grid and select 'LevelKit Tool'

Where to find the LevelKit Tools window

Creating a new level

Once you're in the level Kit project and have opened the LevelKit tool you should be presented with this UI

Enter your missions name and description and hit the "Create new level button"

This will create your mission based on a template, it will open up the missions folder in your file browser as well as dropping you into the missions scene in Unity

Your mission folder

Your mission folder contains all the files that the game will read when loading your mission, here's an overview:

Folder Description
Bundles/ This folder shouldn't be edited by users, it contains Unity asset bundles
level.lua This contains metadata about the mission that's read in by the game, see here for more information
Scripts/ The scripts folder should contain all the Lua files that your mission will run
Scripts/Example_mission.lua This is the main mission script, see Mission Scripting for more information
Scripts/Conversations/ Your conversation scripts should be placed here
Scripts/Devices/ Your device scripts should be placed here

The LevelKit GUI

To do