Getting Started with the LevelKit

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Getting Started

  • Download Unity
  • Download LevelKit

Open up the LevelKit project in Unity

This should give you a fresh and unsaved 'new scene' called 'Untitled'

If you have already been playing with the level kit or already made an Off Grid level and want to make another, then hit Ctrl+N for create a new unsaved scene (dont use 'create scene' this will create a named saved scene which will conflict with the levelkit tool)

In your new scene...

Creating a new level

Go to the menu Item for Off Grid and select 'LevelKit Tool'

Enter the levels name and a breif description to give contect in the level selection screen.

Hit create and the LevelKit tools will generate all the files and folders you require for organising your mission and building it, along with a player spawn and a gneric room for you to start creating from. At this point you can hit build and you can play already - although your level will be a grey walking simulator to start with ;).