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When setting up a character in Mission Script it's possible to define their head props, like hair, hats, glasses and earpieces. There is no limit to the number of props used in a character (apart from how well all the props fit together). If nothing is defined then the character will use whatever default props the character prefab might have.

Script Example

characters = {
        guard1 = {
            displayName = "Marcus Fordham",
            internalName = "guard1",
            prefab = "Masculine_Med_Vest_Enemy",
            headProps =
                 "F_Lrg_Earpiece_01", "M_Lrg_Hair-Long-Ponytail-Fringe_01", "F_Med_Glasses-01"

Hair List

Prefab Name Image(s) Note
  • F_Lrg_Hair-Long-Fringe_01
  • F_Med_Hair-Long-Fringe_01
  • M_Lrg_Hair-Long-Fringe_01
  • M_Med_Hair-Long-Fringe_01
F Lrg Hair-Long-Fringe 01.pngF Med Hair-Long-Fringe 01.pngM Lrg Hair-Long-Fringe 01.pngM Med Hair-Long-Fringe 01.png Long hair with a fringe
  • F_Lrg_Hair-Long-Ponytail-Fringe_01
  • F_Med_Hair-Long-Ponytail-Fringe_01
  • M_Lrg_Hair-Long-Ponytail-Fringe_01
  • M_Med_Hair-Long-Ponytail-Fringe_01
F Lrg Hair-Long-Ponytail-Fringe 01.pngF Med Hair-Long-Ponytail-Fringe 01.pngM Lrg Hair-Long-Ponytail-Fringe 01.pngM Med Hair-Long-Ponytail-Fringe 01.png Long hair with a ponytail
  • F_Lrg_Hair-Long-Wavey_02
  • F_Med_Hair-Long-Wavey_02
  • M_Lrg_Hair-Long-Wavey_02
  • M_Med_Hair-Long-Wavey_02
F Lrg Hair-Long-Wavey 02.pngF Med Hair-Long-Wavey 02.pngM Lrg Hair-Long-Wavey 02.pngM Med Hair-Long-Wavey 02.png
  • F_Lrg_Hair-Short-Buzz_01
  • F_Med_Hair-Short-Buzz_01
  • M_Lrg_Hair-Short-Buzz_01
  • M_Med_Hair-Short-Buzz_01
F Lrg Hair-Short-Buzz 01.pngF Med Hair-Short-Buzz 01.pngM Lrg Hair-Short-Buzz 01.pngM Med Hair-Short-Buzz 01.png
  • F_Lrg_Hair-Short-Curly-Clip_01
  • F_Med_Hair-Short-Curly-Clip_01
  • M_Lrg_Hair-Short-Curly-Clip_01
  • M_Med_Hair-Short-Curly-Clip_01
F Lrg Hair-Short-Curly-Clip 01.pngF Med Hair-Short-Curly-Clip 01.pngM Lrg Hair-Short-Curly-Clip 01.pngM Med Hair-Short-Curly-Clip 01.png
  • F_Lrg_Hair-Short-Pointy_01
  • F_Med_Hair-Short-Pointy_01
  • M_Lrg_Hair-Short-Pointy_01
  • M_Med_Hair-Short-Pointy_01
F Lrg Hair-Short-Pointy 01.pngF Med Hair-Short-Pointy 01.pngM Lrg Hair-Short-Pointy 01.pngM Med Hair-Short-Pointy 01.png
  • F_Lrg_Hair-Short-SideFringe_01
  • F_Med_Hair-Short-SideFringe_01
  • M_Lrg_Hair-Short-SideFringe_01
  • M_Med_Hair-Short-SideFringe_01
F Lrg Hair-Short-SideFringe 01.pngF Med Hair-Short-SideFringe 01.pngM Lrg Hair-Short-SideFringe 01.pngM Med Hair-Short-SideFringe 01.png
  • F_Lrg_Hair_Short_SideFringe-02
  • F_Med_Hair_Short_SideFringe-02
  • M_Lrg_Hair_Short_SideFringe-02
  • M_Med_Hair_Short_SideFringe-02
F Lrg Hair Short SideFringe-02.pngF Med Hair Short SideFringe-02.pngM Lrg Hair Short SideFringe-02.pngM Med Hair Short SideFringe-02.png
  • F_Lrg_Hair_Short_SideFringe-03
  • F_Med_Hair_Short_SideFringe-03
  • M_Lrg_Hair_Short_SideFringe-03
  • M_Med_Hair_Short_SideFringe-03
F Lrg Hair Short SideFringe-03.pngF Med Hair Short SideFringe-03.png128px128px (Check back on this prop, either it is a repetition or some files are mixed)

Hats List

Prefab Name Image(s) Note
  • F_Lrg_Hat-Beanie-01
  • F_Med_Hat-Beanie-01
  • M_Lrg_Hat-Beanie-01
  • M_Med_Hat-Beanie-01
F Lrg Hat-Beanie-01.pngF Med Hat-Beanie-01.pngM Lrg Hat-Beanie-01.pngM Med Hat-Beanie-01.png A beanie hat with long ears
  • F_Lrg_Hat-Cap-01
  • F_Med_Hat-Cap-01
  • M_Lrg_Hat-Cap-01
  • M_Med_Hat-Cap-01
F Lrg Hat-Cap-01.pngF Med Hat-Cap-01.pngM Lrg Hat-Cap-01.pngM Med Hat-Cap-01.png A cool cap
  • F_Lrg_Hat-HardHat-01
  • F_Med_Hat-HardHat-01
  • M_Lrg_Hat-HardHat-01
  • M_Med_Hat-HardHat-01
F Lrg Hat-HardHat-01.pngF Med Hat-HardHat-01.pngM Lrg Hat-HardHat-01.pngM Med Hat-HardHat-01.png A construction hard hat

Glasses List

Prefab Name Image(s) Note
  • F_Lrg_Glasses-01
  • F_Med_Glasses-01
  • M_Lrg_Glasses-01
  • M_Med_Glasses-01
Glasses test.jpgGlasses test.jpgGlasses test.jpgGlasses test.jpg
  • F_Lrg_Glasses-Aviators-01
  • F_Med_Glasses-Aviators-01
  • M_Lrg_Glasses-Aviators-01
  • M_Med_Glasses-Aviators-01
Glasses test.jpgGlasses test.jpgGlasses test.jpgGlasses test.jpg

Gear List

Prefab Name Image(s) Note
  • F_Lrg_Earpiece_01
  • F_Med_Earpiece_01
  • M_Lrg_Earpiece_01
  • M_Med_Earpiece_01

F Lrg Earpiece 01.pngF Med Earpiece 01.pngM Lrg Earpiece 01.pngM Med Earpiece 01.png

The earpiece for security guards