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Off Grid is a game with a certain degree of factual depth and mechanical complexity that means it straddles a strange positioning, between overlap with real world concepts, in game inerpretations and fictionalisations, and terminology to describe the mechanics that derive from those.

To this extent it has its own jargon that is also blended with real world infosec and hacking terminology, creating a pseudo subset of definitions, slang terms and acronyms. IF youa re feeling a little lost with some of the terms used in the game and the communities around it, then this is the place for you.

THIS IS A STUB PAGE FOR NOW AND TO THIS DEGREE IT IS CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS - if you have coem here looking for a the definition of a term related to or used in Off Grid and it isn't here, then plese make an edit and add the term below with either a blank space for someone to fill in on your behalf or as breif pointer of your understanding for someone to clarify, oh and in-advance, thanks for contributing!

__TO DO__

Build up as the wiki and its community grow