Off Grid's Alternate timeline

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Date Event Description and Consequences Found where in the game world? IRL Reference
1960 ECHELON First program of collaborative transnational signal intelligence ...
1972 Semaeopus Corp founded Desc location ref
2012 Proliferation of IoT and Vulnerabilities Desc location ref
2012 Jan DRIP (Data retention and IP Bill) forcing ISPs to hold customer data and internet usage for 12 months, _passed without a vote_ Referenced in the Courthouse, ref
2013 Digital Economies Bill Wide ranging bill, part of which, outlawed encryption that couldnt be cracked withing a certaintimeframe by the government courthouse ref
2014 Oxford Synthetica incorporated off the back of a bright young PHD student's research on behavioural psycology and data mining ... ... ref
2015 Stonesight technologies is contracted to create the Cyber threat list predictive policing program ... ... ref
2019 Jen Harman's arrest Desc 22a Sunrise Villas ref