Open up the LevelKit project in Unity

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To find the downloaded level kit files:

  • Right click on the LevelKit files and select 'properties'

Where to find the LevelKit files

  • Then click on the 'local files' tab and click on 'browse local files'

Where to find the LevelKit files

  • This will open the file location in the explorer window.
  • Make sure to MOVE the level kit folder out of Steam apps and into a safe folder in your User account to prevent steam from overwriting in an update to the tools
    • Bonus points for setting up version control for your mod ( doesn't have to be the whole project - can just be the mod folder )

Open Unity and press the 'Open' button open a new project, and point this to the location of the LevelKit files that were opened in explorer in the previous step.

Open new project

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