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The player path tool is a simple tool to create multiples lines with various points, giving a visual aid for creating levels, helping the visualization of the possible paths that the player can go through the level.

How to use it

To getting started, it's only needed to drag the tool prefab in the wanted scene. The prefab is located in 'Assets/LevelKit/Tools/PlayerPathTool.prefab'.

You can add new points in the path just by clicking on the wanted location in the scene window, but first, a path must be selected (a path can be created in the 'Add new path' button).


To select a point click on the blue button, to select multiple points hold the spacebar and select the wanted points. When a point is selected you can have access in the following functionalities:

  • Change the points position with the position handle
  • Remove the selected point on the red button
  • Add a new point near the selected point on the green button

Inspector UI


Path Mode

This tool have various modes that can be selected, they're the follow:

  • Default : All the UI and functionalities are enabled
  • UI Only On Selected Path : Is only shown the UI of the selected path
  • UI Disabled : All the UI is disabled in the scene, expect the path line
  • Add Points Disabled : Disabled the creation of new points
  • Disabled : Everything is disabled, expect the path line

Default Path Color

It's the default path color when a new path it's created.


This field has all the path points information, like the position of the points, so that can be used for debugging reasons.

Default GUI Style

It's the GUI Style used for the optional points text.


Add new path

This tool can contain various paths, to do that this button can add them.

Selected Path

The first parameter indicates the path selected, it can be changed in the dropdown list. Followed by that is the Remove Button, as the names imply, it removes the selected path. The following fields are:

  • Name : path name
  • Color : path line color
  • Text points : show all the path points text if it exists, the text style is determined by the 'Default GUI Style'