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Stonesight technologies is a British Company, that business model focusses on Big Data. It is a Secretive firm that uses predictive policing to sweep up dissidents and those who actively work to undermine the SafeWeb.

Established 2001. An offshoot from the PayMe payments system, it started life as an fraud detection program that the PayMe founders realsied could be sued to hunt down Terrorists after 9/11.


1.1 2001–2006: Founding and early years

1.2 2008:

1.3 2012: Prototyping of SafeNet and the taming of the internet

1.4 2013–2016: Government partnership and full rollout of the NeWeb

    • Predictive Policing**

NEEDS REWRITE Six years ago, one of the world’s most secretive and powerful tech firms developed a contentious intelligence product in a city that has served as a neoliberal laboratory for everything from charter schools to radical housing reform since Hurricane Katrina. Because the program was never public, important questions about its basic functioning, risk for bias, and overall propriety were never answered.

Stonesight - surveillance technology 'donated' to the city secretly

Predictive policing technology has proven highly controversial wherever it is implemented, but in WestCity, the program escaped public notice, partly because Stonesight established it as a philanthropic relationship with the city through Mayor XXX’s signature "city rebuild" program. Thanks to its philanthropic status, as well as West City's “strong mayor” model of government, the agreement never passed through a public procurement process.

Based on

More than half a decade after the partnership with New Orleans began, Stonesight has patented at least one crime-forecasting system and has sold similar software to foreign intelligence services for predicting the likelihood of individuals to commit terrorism.

“They’re creating a target list, but we’re not going after Al Qaeda in Syria,” said a former law enforcement official who has observed Stinesight’s work first-hand as well as the company’s sales pitches for predictive policing.

It has already succefully shutdown the leaking platform OpenLeaks and imprisoned its founder

Jen has been swept up in this as an individual who actively rejects conventiaonal social media and early in her browsing history has an IP address associalted with readin OpenLeaks articles and dumps and posting on social media about them before "going dark" two years earlier.

On Jen's case she is undersuspeiceint for the lenght of time she has not used convential sites and platforms and the fact thet dara mining platforms have a warning for indibiduals they are unable to fiornd more the 30% of their information on.

The wiki leaks threat - dissiformation and discrediting campaign

2 Products

2.1 NeWeb

2.2 SubversivesTracker

- **Proof of Internal memo on Stonesights's secret structure** Proof of StoneSight's target list of people who know about Palantir's secret internal structure and reach within the city.

  • It is a lost of both insiders (company executive s and patnrts both commercial and government and the percentage the know about the companies operations as a fanger or threat level - Over 60% for a partner indicates a threat and so requires leverage / vlackmail ir otherwise. It also contains a list of Ecternal sources they have pickeup and astarting to did into Palantirs's operations and reach. Just knowing the companies name pits you on this list. Knowing more than 2% (calculated by algorith rewferncein data such as perveived knowledge of subsidiary connections - mentions on sicial media, number of articles read by ip address accosiated with target etc.)*

- proof that they secretly (and even behind the back of the gov officials they were acting malfeasantly with) seeded the city's cyber threat and predictive policing technology to secretly bias oy against aompetitors and threats to Palantir.

    • based on The leaked correspondence among the three contractors showed that the plan was meant to target WikiLeaks’ “global following and volunteer staff” as well as its donor group**

2.3 Other

3 Customers

3.1 Private civilian use

3.2 civil entities

3.3 military, intelligence, and police

  • The main government agencies that have contracted – and continue to contract – with Palantir are the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Defense. Its intelligence arm, called Palantir Government, is also used by the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and the Pentagon to “uncover terrorist networks,” fraudsters and “subversives.”*

4 The Open Truth program

A relatively sussesfil attempt to "put a plug in the internet" and stop it from being used as a platofr for leaking of controversial material.

It does this through affressively attempring to undermine and open up intelligence on anyone assiciated with "leaks, dumps, and open dissemination of privately held content"

Proof that StoneSight Had been illegally surveilling Jen and intercepting her comminications

but running infiltration and signals / personell intelligence ops on several hacker platforms IRCs - as part of the **SubversivesTracker Program

    • Based in HB Gary's ridiculously bad Unmasking anonymous spreadsheet** - shows bad tarfets - and evidence that they were illegally hacked / surveilled / including Jen.

5 Controversies

5.1 Algorithm development

In the wild there exists Proof from leaked doc about Stonesight's top level operations and client bases.

   Investor Prospectus
  • can be based on this real leak:

  • Annual Philanthropic Report**

5.2 OpenLeaks operation (2010)

5.3 Parlimentary enquiry and awarding od contracts

Parliament Inquiry (2012)

During questioning in front of the digital, culture, media and sport select committee,XXX, the former research director of Oxford Synthetica, said that several meetings had taken place between Stonesight and Oxford Synthetica, and that XXX], the chief executive of XXX, had facilitated their use of XXX's data which had been obtained from his app "MyLife" by mining personal surveys. The enquiry confirmed that both employees from Oxford Synthetica and Stonesight used MyLife data together in the same offices. It is rumoured that the inquiry, thout it made loud noises about the problems of this data breach and manipulation actually served as a vetting process, adn both of these firms, althouth piblicly reprimanded and "regulated" were given lucrative government contracts to help develop the NeWeb

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