Hackable Object Creation

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Choose a Mesh

Take a prop that is going to represent your hack-able object and place it in your scene.

It can be anything really, but to to make full use of the options available either:

  • Choose from the Hackable Devices Collection scene in LevelKit.
The scene to pick hackable objects from
  • Piece your own together from pre-made models and parts of models in the LevelKit>Models>Props>Devices and it's sub-folder 'ModularTechParts'
  • or follow this guide to Modeling your own Hackable Devices

Add the Hackable component

Decide how you want it too behave in it's different states, as explained on the Devices page.

Eg. Amok() sets of a sparks particle effect RunOnce() spits out a sheet of paper

Create the corresponding effects, animations or behaviousts you want and connect them to the corresponding Unity Events in the Hackable component

Add the MissionObject component

This is explained in more depth in the Mission Objects page, but essentially in this example we just need to add the MissionObject component and set it to 'Hackable'.

Setup a Lua Device Script

Follow this guide to Device Scripting to create a device script and set up the devices buttons to call the functions you setup in the 'Hackable' component.

Or even call anything else from the Lua Apis.

Add to your mission script and connect to networks