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Mission Objects, as the name suggests, are objects that are found within a level, with their purpose being to help the player complete the mission. Mission Objects can include many things like player spawns, interactable items, hackable devices, and triggers - all vital features that most levels will need.

Examples of what some Mission Objects look like in Unity

Mission Object Types


see Also: Triggers and Examples

Triggers are Mission Objects which are used to start an event (like a conversation pop-up window) when a player walks into the trigger zone. They are a very commonly used Mission Object and have many uses, like starting conversations, triggering a sound to play, mission objective updates, and much more. For a detailed guide on how to create triggers, and for more on what they can be used for, read the Triggers and Examples page.


See Also: Spawn Points and Patrol Points

Spawns are a Mission Object simply used to tell the game where exactly to spawn into the level the characters that have been defined in the Mission Script - this includes the player, but also NPCs like Guards.

Interactable Objects

See Also: Setting up Doors

Interactable objects are Mission Objects that are found within the level that the player can interact with physically, this includes objects that the player can grab and put into their Inventory, but also objects like door handles, and keycard scanners to gain entry into a room. Interactable objects will be commonly found within levels to progress through the objectives, and to progress through levels themselves.

Hackable Devices

See Also: Device Scripting / Agent Definitions / Pre-made Hackable Devices / Mission Object Set Up

Hackable objects are a core feature of Off Grid, they come in many shapes and sizes, including phones, cameras, refrigerators... the list is endless, anything can be turned into a hackable object and hackable objects are again a very common Mission Object, mainly because one of the main features of the game is to hack into things! Hackable devices are interacted with by using the SSH Connection app and the access, UI, and function of each hackable device can be very varied and easily modified by modders.

Interest Points

See Also: Interest Points / Pre-made Hackable Devices / Agent Definitions / Mission Object Set Up

Similar to Hackable Devices, Interest Points are Mission Objects that the AI can use as part of their routines.