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Modular pieces are all built so that they round to 0.2m. Any new Modular pieces you add will need to adhere to this to prevent gaps and to make the pieces easier to use.

So that means a wall piece could be 1m 1.2m 0.4m BUT NOT 0.5m wide.


Turn on snapping in unity and set the scales to 0.2 so that you can easily work with the modular pieces in your scenes:

Snapping Settings in Unity
Snapping Settings in Unity

Using our modular LevelKit pieces, create the geometry and layout to tell your visual story

We've already built up quite a large library of modular mission pieces to work with, these include architecture and props. Users can choose how fine gain they want to design, they can build entire rooms with individual wall and window pieces or use the pre-made rooms provided for them.