Other Prerequisites

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Choose an IDE

An IDE is basically a piece of software designed for writing code. When you install Unity it will prompt you to install VisualStudio which will get the job done, but we recommend (and personally use) the following set of tools to supercharge your Lua scripting in Offgrid:

Visual Studio Code (not to be confused with Visual Studio!)

Visual Studio Code

VSCode Extensions

Extensions are tools that help you debug, autofill and generally improve your coding experience. To add extensions go to View/Extensions or press CTRL+SHIFT+X to bring up the extension window or navigate to the links below.

Lua Helper

LINK A Visual Studio Code language protocol for Lua by Tencent

Moon Sharp Debugger

LINK Debug support for Lua scripts by Marco Mastropaolo

VSCode Snippets

Snippets work like code templates that help you speed up your code and autocomplete what you are typing. They are a game changer. Click on the Settings cog and navigate to User Snippets then paste the following into the global snippets file: VSCode Snippets - Autocompletion for Off Grid API

Source Control

You should do this. Really. Like really, really. It will make collaboration easier but more importantly it will protect you from losing all of your project and keep history of changes. If you make games or mods of any kind, this is the most important thing to set up- you have been warned! (Can you tell we've been burned before?!)