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Download Unity

Download Unity. The version of Unity you need can vary depending on the build. The easiest way to make sure you have the correct version of Unity is to install Unity Hub, then open the Level Kit project in the Unity Hub app. This will prompt you to install the correct version. OffGrid has been in development for a long time, so the version you need may be a few years old depending on which Beta release you are trying to access!

Navigating to the LevelKit Project Files

Right click on the LevelKit files and select 'properties'

Where to find the LevelKit files

Then click on the 'local files' tab and click on 'browse local files'

Where to find the LevelKit files

This will open the file location in the explorer window.


Make sure to MOVE the level kit folder out of Steam apps and into a safe folder in your User account to prevent steam from overwriting in an update to the tools

Open Project

Open Unity and press the 'Open' button open a new project, and point this to the location of the LevelKit files that were opened in explorer in the previous step.

Open new project