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A list of locations of mods you can download and try for yourself.

This page will be something to keep an eye on once Off Grid goes into beta :D

Milliways CCCamp mod

A mod made by some members of our community in collaboration with Milliways hacker camp village with the support of the team. Check out the page for Milliways CCCamp mod here. You can find the Steam workshop version of the mode here : [link tbd] and the DRM-free version here [link tbd].


A mod created by Iuri Martinho.

One day Dave, a young teenager, discovers that he is adopted. After an angry discussion with his mom he decides to unfollow her in all social networks and delete her phone number. Incredibly, his actions also make her disappear from the real world. As he gets desperate and starts to look for her, he finds his dad going through his stuff. He has another angry discussion and also decides to unfollow him, making him disappear as well. In a burst of confusion and angry emotions he deletes his account. Eventually the whole world disappears and he is all alone in his house... until he ears a baby cry.

Note: this a mod in development, so expect constant changes to the story and ideas